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3 Mar 2016


Lessons learnt from having a leash-pulling puppy



We got our beautiful GSP-cross-Vizsla puppy Calley (the one dotted all over our website) just over two years ago, and have never once regretted it, but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been a few times when they drive you a little insane! One of the main things that continually frustrated us was her lead pulling, especially as she grew bigger and stronger. 


We tried everything to help solve the pulling, including several methods trainers - who we got in to help at various stages - taught us. It was becoming a big problem mainly because Calley quickly got to the size when she could pull my wife Lucy over very easily. Now perhaps we didn’t stick to the training advice well enough, or we executed it poorly, but Calley just did not have any interest in staying behind/beside us on the lead. I should add that Calley is very well trained in most other respects. She is well-mannered, stays, comes, knows ‘off’ (definitely the c...

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