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*For dog daycare members only*

Services overnight and weekend boarding


We offer boarding while you are away so your dog can continue to play with the friends they love - we offer both overnight and a weekend boarding service where your dog gets to come to daycare each day for a full day of fun. In the evenings your dog will be staying with your trusty Dog Royalty staff member at their home, with their own luxury private room, and access to a garden. They will have all the space, comfort and privacy they need, while also getting all the affection and human interaction they want by being treated as one of the family.


For weekend boarding dogs will also be walked outside along with our own dogs for 1-2 hour per day, depending on your dogs energy levels and needs.


Boarding options require they attend daycare the day before and the day after this service - so they will be picked up and dropped off as usual before and after daycare - this means you can take a long weekend with ease using our weekend service! Note we do not offer the ability to pick-up/drop-off your dog separately.


Don't worry we are fully insured for dogs at our homes and out and about as well as at our premises.


Overnight & Weekend boarding

Boarding prices

longer term boarding


We offer limited places for longer term boarding (3 days - 4 weeks) however this is reserved for ongoing daycare customers only that have used daycare for 3 months and already purchased a minimum of 10 daycare passes in addition to the boarding payment, and dogs must have been assessed as part of our standard daycare vetting process. As for short-term boarding, home pick-up and drop-off is conducted as part of the normal daycare day (no separate pick-ups), and dogs attend our daycare throughout weekdays and stay in their own room at the home of a Dog Royalty staff member for evenings and weekends, including weekend walks. Charges are priced based on daycare rates for each day required plus boarding prices as relevant (see below). For more info or to get a quote, get in touch using details on our contact page.

boarding service pricing

*For dog daycare members only*

The pricing table below provides a price range for each dog size.


- Overnight boarding: Monday - Thursday; Requires dog to attend daycare the day before and after boarding

- Weekend boarding: Friday - Sunday inclusive. Include walks; Requires dog to attend daycare on Friday and Monday

- Longer stays (2 days - 2 weeks): Daycare rates for Mon-Fri as relevant plus required evening/weekend boarding prices

Pricing transparent - boarding_7_1_2022.png

Longer term boarding:  Contact Dog Royalty at Daycare customers only.  

Note public holiday rate equivalent of 2 x daycare days plus standard overnight cost. 

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