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Compare Dog Royalty to the competition

Why choose Dog Royalty over other day cares?

Home pick up services with our pet taxi

Home Pick Up

Gone are the days you need to bust a gut getting your dog to and from day care every morning and night. Unlike other doggie day cares, at Dog Royalty EVERY dog is picked up from home, and dropped off right back there, so you can leave for work and return when you like. Want to stay out late? Use our late drop off and feed service, or overnight boarding services!

Outdoors space with large premises

Huge premises

One of the primary reasons Dog Royalty was born was because we couldn't stand the thought of our dog locked in small confined spaces for most of the day. Dog Royalty provides a huge space for your dog with lots more space than competitors, including outside spaces and a facility designed around what dogs like, including water features. Your dog will love it! 

Great value daycare compared to dog walking

Great Value

Our business is designed with home pick-up included - this allows us to offer very competitive rates vs. traditional daycares given the added benefits. We are confident that the time you save and convenience of our offer will ensure you see us as great value. Use us as your one stop shop for daycare, grooming and boarding and see how much time you can save!

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Why choose Dog Royalty over dog walkers?

Our day-care is fun for dogs

A whole day of fun for your pooch

With a whole day of fun and engagement it's what your dog would want! Walkers take four dogs per person max on walks, and often these are restricted to on-leash only. At Dog Royalty there are more like-minded playmates, play is off leash all day, while our staff ensure your dog will have its share of direct attention and play. On a cost per hour basis Dog Royalty is also vastly better value!  

Our daycare is safe and secure for your dogs

Safe & Secure

Dog walkers can be great, but there is always the risk of the unknown when out and about. At Dog Royalty all play takes place in a secure gated environment with constant supervision. All playmates are vetted for behaviour and temperament as well as ensuring vaccinations are up to date. We also segregate dogs into areas based on size, age and play style. 

Using our day-care for dogs is stressfree

Stress less

With Dog Royalty never worry again  about whether your dog has been picked up, or the quality of time spent with your dog. Dog Royalty is a reliable alternative to walking and we will send you alerts when your dog is picked up and dropped home, and you can watch your dog play on our live webcams as well as easily change your booked days using our booking app.

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