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Training is at the heart of everything we do at Dog Royalty, and Dog Royalty's experienced team can help you with all your dog's training needs. We have wealth of experience in understanding dog behaviour as well as facilities that allow us to work in ways other trainers are not able to, to target specific issues.  We can help with a whole host of training needs from basic obedience and puppy training to overcoming moderate to severe anti-social and behavioral issues. 

Just some of the areas we can help with include: 

  • Puppy training

  • General obedience training and specific skills development

  • Dog socialisation

  • Lead reactivity

  • Fearfulness towards humans

  • Fearfulness towards other dogs 

  • Excessive barking / jumping / nipping

  • Aggression issues

  • Rescue rehabilitation and settling into a new forever home 

  • Integrating a second dog into the home 

  • Lead walking

  • Off-lead training

  • Grooming desensitisation

  • Building owner confidence with how your dog plays and interacts

  • Teaching the whole family dog training basics

Training options to suit your dog's needs

We offer a range of options for training or a combination of any of the below, tailored directly to your dog:

  • In home one-on-one training 

  • Accompanied walks and park visits

  • Supplementary training during daycare days

  • Training using our facilities e.g. lead reactivity 

  • Board and trains

take care not to make excuses for not training...

Phrases such as "we're hoping he grows out of that", "maybe it's just a phase", "he's still just a puppy" are false narratives - seek assistance sooner rather than later to prevent minor behavioural issues developing into more serious issues!


If your dog has just started displaying new behaviours and this continues for over two weeks seek advice and look to course-correct as soon as possible to avoid issues snowballing into bigger problems over time. 

A note on the trend towards ANXIETY medication

Firstly it's important to state that medication has a vital role in rehabilitating and aiding certain dogs with specific and often quite serious issues and anxieties. However, we are seeing a worrying number of dogs that are, in our view, unnecessarily medicated; particularly under 12 months of age and before, or in lieu of, a concerted training approach. If you are being advised to medicate your dog without also being given a clear training and behavioural plan of action, or if your dog is under 12 months, please feel free to call us to discuss potential training alternatives. 

a note on our APPROACH to dog training and behavioural issues

At Dog Royalty we believe that there are no inherently "bad" dogs, and as our dogs’ custodians we should take responsibility for how our dogs behave. While some events and behaviours will stem from factors out of our control (particularly with rescues), we as owners should acknowledge that we are never perfect and that bringing a dog into our world is challenging. We all undoubtedly make mistakes and inadvertently do things that can lead to our dogs showing behaviours we find undesirable, and in our experience this is the predominant cause of behavioural issues, above and beyond genetics/breed-specific traits etc (although these can of course play a role).

Engaging Dog Royalty for behavioural training will ensure you receive impartial and judgement-free advice and consultation. We do believe it is on us collectively as responsible owners to try to understand and improve how we communicate with our dogs, to help them succeed in the human environments we introduce them to. For that reason if you engage Dog Royalty you should be willing to put in the hard yards yourself, as our role is primarily to help you help your dog. 


Dogs themselves should never be blamed for behaviours, but instead we should look to how we can help them overcome their fears and issues or amend their behaviours.

There are lots of different schools of opinion on training methods and styles, and every single trainer applies this thinking differently. Our core approach revolves around understanding and getting to know the individual dog in question and using our experience in working with over 50,000 dogs* to provide a training plan in plain English to dog owners. We aim to help change owner behaviours and improve your communication and relationship with your dog to alleviate the issues you are seeing. 

Our approach would best be described as a balanced training approach. We primarily focus on using positive reinforcement practices and rewards. However, we believe dogs learn more efficiently and effectively by helping them understand both what we do and do not want from them. We do not ever want a dog to experience fear or pain, and we will never suggest solutions instilling these in dogs.

As an owner, you must be willing to put the effort in for your dog. Dog Royalty can help you train your dog but no training "sticks" and remains consistent without constant reinforcement and delivery on the part of the owner. You owe it to your dog to make this effort!

*based on numbers of dogs attending daycare  / training / boarding daily per day since we began operating

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contact us for a chat

We will be happy to chat through your needs and suggest an appropriate training approach and pricing.

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