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We are thrilled to offer a new way forward in boarding for your dogs. Enrichment boarding is a new offer from Dog Royalty, brought to you by one of Sydney's premium daycares in our new purpose-built rural boarding resort. We bring you a boarding offer where dogs get a full day of enrichment and where we will never charge you pricey extras for tiny increments of play or walks.

Key advantages of Enrichment Boarding by Dog Royalty: 

  • Full structured day of play and socialisation every day

  • Chilled human hangouts  e.g. Canine Cinema club

  • Doggy wonderland with splash pools, shaded areas and air-conditioned zones in our rural retreat

  • Variety each day for mental & physical enrichment incl. group play, agility work, scent work, splash pools

  • Live-in care with 24/7 supervision

  • Regular picture and video updates at no extra cost

  • Experienced professionals conducting all sessions

  • Every dog has their individual space at night

  • All dogs vetted for behaviour and socialisation

  • Fixed cost with no charges for your own food, medication, fridge space etc.

  • Intensive Board & Train options available 

  • Fully insured and registered company

  • Home pick-up and drop-off options available


After nearly a decade in the dog industry, Dog Royalty are proud to launch a new way forward in dog boarding.  In a world where dogs have become true members of the family and are accustomed to a high degree of human love & family time, it has become clear that traditional boarding options are falling short of the needs of our pups in many cases.


Enrichment Boarding by Dog Royalty will never charge you pricey extra daily enrichment costs because we are confident we provide all the enrichment your dog could possibly need each and every day.  We have taken what we have learnt from running our daily dog daycare and applied this to create a daily routine and structure for dogs at our new rural boarding facility that ensures dogs get a fantastic day of enrichment and engagement activities. This routine will exercise both their body and mind, but we have also ensured we build in time for pups to have some loving downtime with humans too. We have created specific routines and areas dedicated to dogs being able to have a home-style chillout with humans dedicated to being there for them with companionship, cuddles and love. 

Leaving your dog while on your travels can be a stressful event for you and for your dog, and we truly believe what we offer will help alleviate stress for both of you. Our routine has been designed to ensure your dog can acclimatise quickly and bond with our experience team of professionals, giving them the best chance of ensuring a positive stay. With daily health checks our team put the health and wellbeing of your dogs above all else, while with regular picture and video updates  sent for no added cost, you can relax and enjoy your holiday, knowing your dog is enjoying theirs!  


splash pools

Screenshot 2023-10-17 at 4_edited.jpg


Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 9.49.48 pm.jpeg

splash pools


scent work

Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 9.53.16 pm.jpeg

human hangouts


agility work

Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 10.00.30 pm.jpeg

play time

enrichment boarding - overview video

enrichment boarding gallery

enrichment boarding requirements

Enrichment Boarding operates a strict screening and booking policyto ensure the safety of all dogs in our care, and to ensure the experience is optimised for all dogs attending. 

  • Our boarding services are designed for well socialised dogs only.

  • Dogs that are unsocial or aggressive will not be admitted. 

  • Minimum 4 day stay requirement

  • If your dog suffers from high separation anxiety Board & Train options will be suggested 

  • Dogs must pre-screened and temperament tested prior to accepting bookings 

  • Dogs must show a valid C5 on booking and update this as required prior to attendance.

  • Female dogs must be either a) desexed b) undesexed and under 7 months  (and not in heat) or c) have had their first heat and be under 12 months of age (and not in heat).

  • Male dogs must be desexed by 12 months and not showing excessive humping or dominant behaviours. Note: Male dogs over 8 months may require a trial day prior to boarding at additional cost to ensure suitability. 

Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 10.58.05 pm.jpeg

enrichment boarding prices

Treat your pup like royalty and sign them up for Enrichment Boarding by Dog Royalty.


We offer a fixed price, transparent service - what you see is what you pay. Our prices do not vary by time of year and we do not charge a heap of hidden extras. Much of the boarding industry is staffed by low experienced holiday casual staff - Enrichment Boarding is different. We are priced on the premium end of the spectrum in order to cover the cost of always having trained, experienced professionals working with all groups throughout the day, not just for an hour or two.


  • Enrichment boarding is one flat fee at all times of the year.

  • No additional costs for medication administration or provision of own food (including refrigeration costs).  

  • No big costs for small extra plays / walks etc

  • For Board & Train options please submit an enquiry form as we tailor this to each dog's requirements


$120 per day. 

No hidden extra costs

*15% discount applied for second dog+ from same household staying  

enquire NOW for more information or bookings

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