At Dog Royalty our aim is simple:  

To provide the easiest, most convenient and stressfree service possible for owners, and to maximise your dog's happiness every day, no matter what size dog 

Creating a better dog day care 


Dog Royalty came to be because of an owner's love for their dog Calley, and the passion to give her a fun and fulfilled life despite the challenges of juggling the busy-ness of every day life. Relocating back to Sydney from the UK with Calley in tow, it was quickly apparent that to give Calley the stimulation and exercise she needed whilst juggling a busy life was difficult if relying on the existing dog day care / dog walking options available in Sydney. Speaking to more and more dog owners it became apparent this was a problem shared by many, and so the business idea was born.


Dog Royalty is evolved from the successful day care models practiced widely in the US and UK that utilise home pick up services far more widely than in Australia to-date. However, the business aims to go further than this, with the goal of meeting as many of the (often currently unmet) needs of both dogs and owners as possible, including for dogs of all sizes.  


The business model is designed in such a way as to allow home pick up for ALL dogs, and enable transport them to a premises that is bigger, better and ticks more boxes than central location day cares, such as having outside space and water features.


The other area Dog Royalty aims to address is how to make it as easy and as stress-free for owners as possible. That's why we have invested in technologies and processes to alleviate the stresses we hear when we talk to dog owners. Our custom-built app makes viewing, managing and changing your day care services as easy as pie online, while check-in alerts and live webcams, are just some of the ways we are trying to make Dog Royalty the future of dog day care!   

Why the name?

What else could or should inspire a dog business name but a dog itself?! Calley is the owners' own beautiful dog - a German Short-Haired Pointer x Hungarian Vizsla, bred in Yorkshire, brought up in London, and now emigrated to Australia!


Calley's regal demeanour was the direct inspiration for the business, while the name is also a nod to our British influence and reflects our ambitions to make every aspect of our business fit for a king or queen, so to speak. 





Chris owns and runs Dog Royalty. A long-time dog owner with experience in dog walking and minding, Chris undertook an extensive dog day care management and training course in the UK, and continues to pursue further training in Sydney.


In a previous life he worked as part of leadership teams in several multinational companies, both as a Director in a marketing research consultancy in Australia, as well as heading up the Analytics & Insights division of a global consumer goods manufacturer.


While British born, Chris has lived in Australia for over 10 years, and recently emigrated for life with his pooch Calley. His passions include teaching Calley new tricks, pretty much all sports, and also charity work, including adventures such a UNICEF Andes to Amazon bike ride through the Peruvian mountains, and a Senegalese village outreach programme coaching football. As a sports enthusiast he has played football at a semi-professional level (that’s English football a.k.a. soccer!) which stands him in good stead when trying to keep up with the dogs!

SARAH spent many years working directly with dogs in RSPCA facilities in both the UK and the US prior to joining us in Australia in the Dog Royalty team. She was born in Liverpool, UK and her prior life before dogs was in the navy - so she also brings the regimented order to the chaos that a group of puppies tends to try and create! Sarah is RSPCA first aid trained, and is completing certificate IV in animal companion services.  

AIMEE Aimee studied criminology and policing at university, and had a  career in retail before deciding to follow her passion and enter the wonderful world of pooches. She is studying to become a fully qualified trainer through the National Dog Training Federation. Aimee's dog Millie is a chocolate lab and comes to daycare to join in the fun weekly too. 

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