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Puppy training

Have a puppy? lucky thing!

Dog Royalty is the right choice for you.

PUPPy training and socialisation

how can dog royalty help?


Few things in life are more exciting or rewarding than getting a puppy. 


Puppies are a big commitment though, and to ensure the wellbeing and happiness of your new best friend (as well as you),  it's critical your puppy gets the training, socialisation and exercise they need.


Whether you have a puppy already, or are considering getting one, Dog Royalty daycare for dogs is the perfect companion to help you manage your new best friend. With Live webcams and a safe and secure site we are the perfect choice to give your puppy what they need and you a stress-free time. 


At Dog Royalty we accept puppies two weeks after their final C5 vaccinations and not less than 13 weeks old, while puppies must be desexed by 7 months to continue at day care.  

Puppy training large outside space

Puppy Areas

We have multiple different areas  both inside and outside, so we can group your puppy into a safe group suitable to it's size and age to allow for safe play all day, also ensuring your puppy has plenty of access to cooler and shadier conditions

Puppy day care safe and secure

Always Supervised

A staff member will always be supervising your puppy, and will ensure they get a balanced amount of play with both people and dogs. Our team are experienced at helping shy and timid dogs find their feet as well as dealing with the more rambunctious  pups!

Puppy Rest naps and food

Feeding & Rest

We ensure all dogs, including your puppy have naptimes to ensure they don't overdo it, and playtimes remain controlled and constructive. We will happily feed puppies under 6 months their own lunch (provided by you) at no extra cost, while you can also purchase treat options for them as well. 

Puppy training at dog daycare

Basic training

We conduct free basic training with all our dogs for no added cost - helping work on consistency with puppy fundamentals such as developing good recall, not jumping up or nipping humans, quiet playtime/ not barking, impulse control around food and resources, taking treats nicely and more. 




It’s widely acknowledged that socialisation of dogs is an immensely important part of ensuring your puppy develops into a well rounded confident dog, and mixing with other dogs is vital in teaching them a host of skills that humans simply can't communicate.


Dog Royalty provides a safe and constantly monitored environment where puppies can learn to interact and play with other dogs. As for all dogs attending Dog Royalty, we assess all puppies prior to them coming into daycare and on their first day they will be introduced as slowly and steadily as required to ease them into their first play session, meeting one dog at a time until they are ready for the wider group. We group dogs together based on size and temperament, and typically your puppy will start the day with plenty of other puppies and similar sized dogs. We do also at times introduce dogs of different sizes / temperaments to join them to ensure they get appropriate exposure to a wide range of dogs as this is a great safe environment for this socialisation, but always under strict supervision and only when we think your puppy is ready for this new experience. 


Puppy behaviour issues are also a big issue nowadays  - whether its chewing up the house, separation anxiety or excessive guarding. Dog daycare can go a long way in helping overcome these issues, through helping to alleviate underlying issues such as boredom, lack of exercise, or lack of socialisation. 

Thinking of getting a puppy?


How exciting! It takes more commitment and dedication than people often think, but it is such a rewarding experience! You need to be ready and willing to put the effort into caring, nurturing and training your puppy.

What will I do with my puppy during the day?

If you're wondering what you will do with your puppy during the day while you work then Dog Royalty can help. Our home pick-up service means you can leave for work on time and be safe in the knowledge we will be arriving shortly to ensure your pup has a fantastic day ahead of them. With our check-in alerts you will always know when we have picked-up and dropped-off your pup, while you can always check in on them yourself using our live webcams. Be prepared to do less at work though!


Puppy training classes are a fantastic way to help you embed good practices with your new dog, however to train a dog takes consistency and continual reinforcement of the 'rules' you set our for your pup. Dog Royalty can help by carrying on your good work from puppy training school by continuing these practices during the day. We offer free basic training to all our dogs to help embed good behaviours.


If you have a puppy under 12 weeks, remember that while you may not be able to let your puppy play around on the ground or with other dogs yet, socialisation remains critically important - you can still take your puppy out to experience new sight, sounds and smells, and this is seen as a really important part of their development.  


Sign up for the waiting list for Dog Royalty and by the time your pup is ready for open socialisation with other dogs, we'll be ready and waiting to pick them up and whisk them off to our puppy paradise!

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