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Dog Day care

in sydney re-invented

Dog Royalty is the dog daycare that Sydney has been waiting for. Home pick-up pet taxi service included for all dogs, outside spaces in a huge premises for secure dog play, all day, and a host of built-in services to maximise convenience and minimise your stress and time

Using Dog Royalty will give you back time. Time spent taking your dog to and from other daycares. Time spent worrying about if your walker has come or not. 


You can relax in the knowledge your dog is in a secure environment with a group of playmates vetted for behaviour and health, always under close supervision.


Whether your dog’s favourite thing is to play, explore, sniff, or just chill out, dogs need lots of space.


Existing Sydney dog daycares are based in small indoor premises, and rely on 1-2 short walks per day outside, often on leash – depending on what other dogs are like in the public spaces they visit.


Dog Royalty gives your dog the opportunity to play and explore in a far large and engaging daycare space, to cool off in water features, to relax in the sun or the shade, and open up and run in a bigger space.


Meanwhile you can relax in the knowledge your dog is in a secure environment with a group of playmates vetted for behaviour and health, always under close supervision.


Take a look at what we offer - we're sure you'll be keen to try us, and we KNOW your dog would choose us!  



Dog daycare as it should be

daycare/ Dog daycare home pick-up

Home Pick Up

Home pick up is the obvious preference for most dog owners when asked, and Dog Royalty has created a business model designed with  built-in pet taxi service to make this as cost effective as possible.
Things to know:

- Our luxury custom fitted vans have separately controlled air conditioning units installed meaning your pooch will be comfortable at all times during transfers, even on the hottest of days

- You don't need to be home for us to pick your dogs up and drop them back, so you leave for/from work whenever you want  

- We have all relevant insurances 

The current pick up area includes much of the inner west, eastern suburbs and southern Sydney, click here to see where we service.
daycare/ Outside


One thing we feel passionately about at Dog Royalty is giving all sizes of dogs enough space and stimulation to keep them engaged, and allow them to open up and run and play. We also believe having an outside space is great for them as we all know our dog's favourite times and activities mostly occur outside! We are investing significantly in making Dog Royalty the highest of quality premises to create a dog wonderland fit for a king or queen pooch! 


Our premises will have:


- A huge space with multiple areas

- Outside spaces

- Secure fencing and screening throughout, double-gated entry systems

- Shaded spaces and air conditioned inside spaces

- Water features to splash around in (always supervised)

- Segregated areas by dog size / puppies / play style

- A mix of natural and manmade features designed to stimulate interest 

- Constant supervision by staff

HUGE premises & outside spaces

Dog daycare fundamentals

daycare/ Safe secure doggy daycare


At Dog Royalty there is nothing more important to us than the safety of your dog. Using us can give you peace of mind that your dog can play safely off leash all day in a fully fenced and secure enviroment. All entrances are double-gated to prevent breakaway would-be-escapees. Every dog we take has passed a behaviour and temperament test, and has a valid C5 vaccination certifcate. Your dog will also be under constant supervision, with one staff member for approximately every 10 dogs.


daycare/Easy Booking


One of the biggest unmet needs from dog owners we hear is about is the need for flexiblity and easier management. That's why with Dog Royalty we've developed a custom app that allows you to easily manage and book your dog daycare days and other related services. We've also worked hard to ensure we dont need heaps of notice to accommodate your requests as we know that's not how life works! 

Our app will also provide you with useful information and reminders, such as when your dog needs vaccination updates.

Booking App

daycare/ webcams


Whether you just want to check up on your pooch once in a while, or they will be all you watch while you are supposed to be working(!), use our live webcams to get your doggy fix for the day! Webcam online access is only available to existing daycare customers. If you are a member you can sign in here.  

Live webcam

Dog daycare added benefits

daycare/ Check-in alerts home pick-up


It's a genuine worry for many dog owners: "what happens if no one comes for my dog?!" Unfortunately you only need to speak to a handful of owners before you find a tale where this has unfortunately been a reality. At Dog Royalty we have a strict processes to ensure this never happens, will always confirm your bookings, and to put your mind at ease, we will send you a check-in alert once we have fetched your pooch and they are on their way to our dog wonderland. 

Check-In Alerts

basic training for free

FACEBOOK LOGOS - training.jpg

At Dog Royalty we understand the importance of having a well trained dog, but a few weeks of puppy classes is never sufficient to train your dog and cement positive behaviours for lifelong habits. Training takes time and repetition, but we also know that finding the time can be tough when juggling busy days.


At Dog Royalty we endeavour to train and cement good behaviours with all our dogs on an ongoing basis – after all it helps us too! We aim to install and work on dog training basics in all our dogs for no charge - things like basic recall, sitting, lying, staying, and reducing unnecessary barking. We'll talk to you when you sign up to daycare to understand how we can help. 

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