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the royal treatment


*For dog daycare members only*

Want to keep your pooch in pristine condition, or just fighting to keep them clean enough to share a house with?!


At Dog Royalty we offer a range of grooming services to keep your pooch looking and feeling great. All grooming services are conducted in our custom built grooming room, towards the end of your dog's day at day care, meaning you get a nice, shiny pooch delivered to your door without having to plan in separate visits to a groomer.


At Dog Royalty we use the highest quality products, tailoring products to suit your dog's coat, and we stock special products for those dogs with sensitive skin.  Try us out and we're sure you won't be disappointed. 



Grooming service


Services we offer:


- Wash & Blow-dry

- Full Body Clip

- Face, feet and bum tidy

- De-matting service

- Nail trim & Ear clean

daycare/Dog playing Outside at doggy daycare

wash & blow-dry

A delicious wash and massage in our high-end hydro spa baths with specially formulated shampoo and conditioners, followed by a blow-dry and groom-out. We stock a range of products including sensitive skin and medicated lines, and tailor these to each dogs current requirements and coat.


Includes Nail trim and buff, ear clean and foot pad trim.


Note: If your dog has moderate to severe matted hair or knots please add in a dematting service - we may determine this is required and ask you to pay for this if we deem this necessary. 


Full body clip

The full works. A Wash & Blow-Dry service, Nail trim & Ear Clean, followed by a full body clip and scissor tidy. Hygiene areas are clipped short, coats are clipped based to length based on your preference or to breed standards. For non-clipping coats we perform a full de-shed in place of clipping. 


feet, face and bum tidy

As the name suggests, we'll trim the foot (pads and top), the face (eye area) and bum area to keep your pup neat and tidy. 


This is an add-on service to Wash & Blow-dry.


This is an add-on to other bathing services - if your dog has moderate to severe knotting and matting we will sort this out for you. Note, we tend to avoid brushing out knots and matted hair as it can be stressful and painful for dogs - instead we use a combination of de-matting products, blow-drying and careful combing, and also will clip out the worst ones.

Nail trim & ear clean

Keep those claws from becoming talons - we clip nails and buff them to remove sharp edges. Ear canals are cleaned thoroughly and excess in-ear hair trimmed. 


grooming service pricing

The pricing table below provides a price range for each dog size - we will give you exact pricing information based on your dog's size, breed and coat type once we meet your dog in person. These prices will then remain consistent ongoing (subject to annual inflationary changes). 


All services require the dog to attend daycare on the day the service is required. Note we reserve the right to decide not to groom a dog on any given day if we feel the dog is not in a suitable condition/state - either mentally, physically or the service is not possible without a full cutting/clipping service. We also will not be held responsible for any underlying skin conditions that may be uncovered during the grooming process.

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