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Dog Royalty Newsletter: November 2017

Hello patrons!

Firstly I hope you all had a fang-tastic Halloween, got all the treats you desired, and didn't have nightmares from our freaky halloween post (right). I'm sure some of our pups are still confused as to why we suddenly start dressing them up in loads of outfits at this time of year! It's been a jam-packed last few months, fresh off the back of our stall at the Muddy Paws event for Maggie's Rescue, a lot of puppy birthdays and, of course, our own Birthday month of celebrations.

We recap on some of these events in this newsletter in case you missed any of this, as well as introducing our newest colleague and qualified masseuse Jelena - who has already got stuck into performing free massages and assessments on some lucky daycare pups. We also look to the future - namely to our Christmas closure dates and more excitingly, the biggest bash of the year, the Dog Royalty New Years Eve slumber party! There are still places left so get in touch to book soon. And of course there are plenty of pup pics and our featured dog of the month!

At daycare itself, we've continued to welcome lots more new pups, and have been loving working with the dogs on agility courses around our premises, ball games and more, while the webcam watchers will have noticed we added a third space in our main room which allows us to group pups further by size and temperament when we have a wide range of dogs on site. As the heat picks back up nearing summer we will be getting the splash pools back out soon too, and cranking up the fans and the air con - so you'll see us use our upstairs chillout rooms the Gallery and The Drawing Room slightly more than during Winter on particularly hot days to keep your pups super cool.

Finally, a huge thanks to all of you who have given us 5 star reviews on Facebook and Google over the past few months. This genuinely helps us continue to flourish as a business, and it means a lot to me and the team that you value what we do. Please also continue to recommend us to family and friends for their pups - remember you both get a free day of daycare if you do!

We hope you enjoy!

Thanks, as always, for your continued patronage,

Chris (Founder, Dog Royalty)

CHRISTMAS CLOSURE: 25 dec - 1 jan (re-open 2nd jan)

The title says it all really. :-) Dog Royalty is closed for business from Christmas to New Year, and we're sure you'll be looking forward to spending some quality time with your pups during this time. We are taking Calley down to a dog friendly Air B'n'B during Christmas on the South Coast and are very excited. We are open up to Friday 22nd December and then closed after this until we re-open on Tuesday 2nd January. For those of you heading away we are unfortunately unable to offer boarding through the Christmas period, although are able to board from New Years onwards (subject to availability).


Maggie's rescue - muddy paws walk

It was great to see all of you that went on the Muddy Paws walk in September - we had a great time running 'The Royal Temptation' time trials in aid of Maggie's, where dogs had to avoid the temptations of lots of food and toys to race to their owners side in record time on command - thus ensuring hilarity and embarrassment in equal measures for most owners (including me - Calley can't not pick up any ball she sees)! It was a fun day and lots of money was raised for this great cause, so thanks to all that supported us or did the walk itself.

We also continue to support Maggie's Rescue through our raffle prize donations to the Vic on the Park, and this remains a great place for a Sunday night meal and chillax with your pup. We had one such raffle winner join Dog Royalty in the last two weeks - Miss Trixie from Enmore (pictured below) came along and fitted in really well at Dog Royalty, and we loved having her in!

HAPPY SNAPS If we had a dollar for every time we see the pups at daycare strike adorable, funny or amazing poses we'd be very rich. However trying to actually catch these on camera in between everything else that goes on is another matter entirely! Here are a few of our favourite pics from recent months of the pups smiling nicely for the camera.

Pics Featuring daycare dogs:

Marlena (Labrador, Penshurst)

Frank (Dalmation, Blakehurst)

Fatoosh (Weimaraner, Marrickville)

Kingsley (Labrador, Rockdale)

Ralphie (Labrador, Arncliffe)

Bear (Labrador, Arncliffe)

Ziggy [Hodgson] (Greyhound X, Petersham)

Ziggy [Hepers] (Cross breed, Erskineville)

Barney Sprocket (Schnauzer Poodle, St.Peters)

Canyon (Leonberger, Petersham)

Brian (Border collie x poodle, Alexandria)

Kobe (Pyrenean Mountain Dog, Erskineville)

Frankie [Latimer] (Golden Retriever, Redfern)

Frankie [Smith] (Frenchie, Arncliffe)

Ziva (Border collie x rough collie, Sydenham)

Aoife (Kelpie, Petersham)

Bowie (Puggle, Summer Hill)

Remi (Toy spoodle, Erskineville)

Jefferson (Boston terrier, Redfern)

Zidane (Frenchie, Erskineville)

Charlie Brown (Groodle, Marrickville)

Noni Hazlehurst (Border Collie, St. Peters)

Chewy (Foxy x Frenchie, Summer Hill)

Wolfie (Mixed breed, Hurlstone Park)

Billie (Beagle, Summer Hill)

Georgie (Double doodle, Oatley)

Bobby (Terrier x, Oatley)

Raymond (Labrador, St.Peters)



Many of you will have now met Jelena on our pick-up rounds, or seen her on webcams with the pups. Jelena originally hails from Serbia, and has lived in Australia for over 7 years now with her husband and two dogs. Jelena trained as a vet originally, and since then has completed a postgrad in dog acupuncture and completed extensive dog massage courses. She runs her own business, Balanced Dogs, offering these mobile services to clients around Sydney. ( Interesting facts: Jelena has a vintage Jeep she loves and cherishes, and has just got her boating licence so she can take her two dogs on adventures on the water.



This year we're offering all daycare pups the chance to get involved in the New Year's' festivities with their daycare pals for a sleepover NYE party with Dog Royalty! Of course this might also give you owners the opportunity and peace of mind to get stuck into some serious celebrations too, so everyone's a winner!

Pick-up is 11am - 1pm on 31st December, and drop-off is 11am - 1pm on 1st January.

You can double check if we can still take your pup by texting Chris, while more details and payment options can be found in the specific NYEs puppy party booking button which should be on your members app landing page. Hope to see your pup then!



NAME: Pepper BREED: Frenchie


AGE: 18 Months


ABOUT: Pepper is one of our longest serving puppy patrons so we've known her since she was a tiny little pup. She's still on the small side for a Frenchie and has stolen many hearts with her huge smile and adorable face in many-a-picture. Pepper has also been kind enough to donate some of her doggy furniture she no longer uses to Dog Royalty where other dogs make lots of use of them - what a good sharer. Fun fact: In nap times Pepper tries her hardest not to fall asleep but always fails - often resulting in her falling asleep sitting up with her head resting against the closest wall!



As part of our Birthday celebrations we ran our inaugural doggy olympics, with multiple events designed to test all our pups prowess across a variety of areas. We had great fun doing this with the dogs, and the events all built from continued themes we work with the dogs on day in day out as part of our daycare. In case you missed the results posted, here they are again.


We apologise for the webcam downtime experienced for several days throughout the past month. This was due to issues with our Optus internet, which after many calls to Optus (sigh), has now been resolved. Please always flag to us if webcams are down if you are trying to watch so we can rectify as soon as possible, as we don't always spot this when we're focussing on the pups!


As always please let us know how we can improve our services for you and your dog, we love feedback and new ideas. We are also always happy to chat with you about how your dog is at daycare and answer any questions you might have - just ask! :-)

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